EVOLVE’s Shawn Chang’s Statement on the Wi-Fi Alliance’s LTE-U Coexistence Test Workshop

August 4, 2016

Yesterday’s WFA LTE-U Coexistence Test Workshop was a tremendous missed opportunity.  Over the past year, the Wi-Fi community and EVOLVE members have collaborated to forge consensus and develop a coexistence test plan for LTE-U and Wi-Fi.  Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi Alliance has buckled under political pressure from the cable lobby and proposed a one-sided plan that […]

World Wi-Fi Day – Brought to You by Unlicensed Spectrum

June 20, 2016

Written by Shawn Chang, EVOLVE Coalition Spokesperson Today marks the first ever World Wi-Fi Day. This new initiative is a day for governments, industry, and the public to come together to advance and accelerate affordable connectivity for the unconnected around the world. But did you know that unlicensed spectrum is the driving force behind Wi-Fi? […]

EVOLVE’s Shawn Chang’s Statement on Coexistence Between Unlicensed Technologies

May 3, 2016

Despite some of the rhetoric at tonight’s event, the facts haven’t changed.  New technologies in unlicensed spectrum like LTE Unlicensed will not crowd out or degrade Wi-Fi in New York City or anywhere for that matter.  Multiple tests have shown that LTE-U can share the unlicensed platform with Wi-Fi and other unlicensed technologies. In fact, LTE […]

Shawn Chang on the Role of Unlicensed Spectrum in Driving Mobile Innovation

April 11, 2016

Written by Shawn Chang, EVOLVE Coalition Spokesperson Throughout my career working in technology policy, I’ve watched mobile innovation transform our world. From the smartphones in our pockets to the wearable fitness trackers, mobile innovation continues to transform our lives. Consumers rely on the newest mobile products, services, and apps not only to stay informed and […]

Mobile Future Echoes Importance of Permissionless Innovation

February 3, 2016

This week, Mobile Future, an association of cutting-edge technology and communications companies and a diverse group of non-profit organizations, released a paper titled “The Importance of Permissionless Innovation in Unlicensed Bands.”  The paper emphasizes the key role that the open regulatory framework for unlicensed spectrum played in establishing unlicensed spectrum as the space where innovators […]

Former Representatives Waxman and Tauzin Support LTE Unlicensed and Permission-less Innovation

November 16, 2015

Today, former Reps. Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Billy Tauzin (R-LA) touted the importance of permission-less innovation on unlicensed spectrum in an op-ed for The Hill.  The former Chairmen of the House Energy and Commerce Committee raised concerns about calls for the FCC to “intervene and block” a LTE unlicensed technology, saying that would be “a […]

EVOLVE Member on a Path Forward in the Wi-Fi / LTE Unlicensed Debate

November 13, 2015

Yesterday, AT&T Vice President of Federal Regulatory Joan Marsh spoke out on how new technologies like LTE Unlicensed can co-exist with Wi-Fi in existing and new bands of unlicensed spectrum.  In a post on the EVOLVE member’s public policy blog, Marsh said: Unlicensed spectrum – which has been called the sandbox for entrepreneurship and innovation […]

Group of Neighbors Uses Unlicensed Spectrum to Create Their Own Internet Service

November 9, 2015

Island living isn’t always a paradise—especially when your Internet connection is slow and unreliable. On Orcas Island, one of the San Juan Islands in Washington State, residents were faced with broadband service that was not only slow, but often prone to outages and proven to be a major point of frustration for the Island’s population. […]