Unlicensed Spectrum

September 26, 2015

Spectrum is the invisible infrastructure that powers mobile networks. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) designates spectrum for licensed and unlicensed uses. Different from licensed spectrum that is exclusively held by wireless providers, unlicensed spectrum is open to anyone using any technology to experiment, research, and innovate. EVOLVE and its members are working together to preserve unlicensed spectrum as an open platform for mobile innovation for the benefit of consumers.

Consumer and Economic Benefits

September 25, 2015

The unlicensed policy framework has yielded unquestionable benefits for consumers and the economy alike.  Consumers rely on unlicensed spectrum for everything from baby monitors and garage door openers to Wi-Fi networks, and Bluetooth. LTE-U, LAA, and a myriad of new and innovative connected products and services as part of the developing Internet of Things will soon be added to the list. In unlicensed spectrum the possibilities are limitless.

According to Telecom Advisory Services, LLC, the economic value of unlicensed spectrum is over $228 billion per-year in the United States.  Direct sales of technologies, services and applications dependent on unlicensed spectrum results in a Gross Domestic Product of $6.7 billion per-year.


Online Resources

September 25, 2015