EVOLVE Member Collaborates with CableLabs to Test a LTE Unlicensed Technology

November 12, 2015

This week, EVOLVE member Qualcomm released the results of a set of tests it conducted in collaboration with CableLabs to evaluate coexistence between a LTE Unlicensed technology and Wi-Fi.  In a blog post about the testing, Qualcomm said:

Using a test plan developed in collaboration with CableLabs, the R&D consortium for the cable industry, the two parties performed testing over a three-week long period. […]

Qualcomm Technologies followed the guidance of CableLabs in terms of what scenarios to test, the density of nodes, the types and location of test devices, and what Wi-Fi equipment vendors to include.  The performance of Wi-Fi in the presence of LTE-U was comparable to if not better than the examined Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi baseline scenario, demonstrating the effectiveness of LTE-U coexistence protocols. […]

These latest test results are thus fully consistent with all prior tests that were performed in accordance with the LTE-U specifications.

Unlicensed spectrum is meant to be open to everyone – using any technology – and continues to be crucial to the evolution and growth of mobile communications.  For consumers to have the best mobile experience, it is important for all participants and technologies in the unlicensed space to coexist and play well together.  This testing marks a good step in that direction.

You can download a detailed summary of the test results here.

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