EVOLVE’s Shawn Chang’s Statement on Coexistence Between Unlicensed Technologies

May 3, 2016

Despite some of the rhetoric at tonight’s event, the facts haven’t changed.  New technologies in unlicensed spectrum like LTE Unlicensed will not crowd out or degrade Wi-Fi in New York City or anywhere for that matter.  Multiple tests have shown that LTE-U can share the unlicensed platform with Wi-Fi and other unlicensed technologies. In fact, LTE Unlicensed actually improves Wi-Fi performance as it works better alongside Wi-Fi than Wi-Fi does with itself.  LTE Unlicensed also means a new choice for consumers.  As a new competitive technological platform to Wi-Fi, LTE Unlicensed will bring higher-quality, more secure and faster mobile broadband solutions.

EVOLVE members are actively engaged with the Wi-Fi community to conduct joint co-existence testing to further alleviate any remaining concerns. We are unequivocal in our stance that technologies operating in unlicensed bands need to co-exist with and work cooperatively with Wi-Fi and vice versa. Successful co-existence is the golden rule for unlicensed technologies and the wireless industry is well-positioned and motivated to ensure successful co-existence.