Shawn Chang on the Role of Unlicensed Spectrum in Driving Mobile Innovation

April 11, 2016

Written by Shawn Chang, EVOLVE Coalition Spokesperson Throughout my career working in technology policy, I’ve watched mobile innovation transform our world. From the smartphones in our pockets to the wearable fitness trackers, mobile innovation continues to transform our lives. Consumers rely on the newest mobile products, services, and apps not only to stay informed and […]

Recapping the launch: EVOLVE media call

October 5, 2015

Last Monday, EVOLVE launched to educate American consumers on the benefits of new technologies in unlicensed spectrum that are being designed to help meet their rapidly-growing demands for mobile services. “Through a series of speaking engagements, dialogue with policymakers, and consumer education,” the coalition said, “EVOLVE will promote the consumer benefits of unlicensed spectrum and new […]